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Thornton Dial 'His Southern Stories: Drawings 1990 - 2011'

March 3 - 31, 2015

The Hughes Gallery is very excited to announce that the American artist Thornton Dial will be exhibited for the first time in Australia in March 2015 at our Sydney premises.

In May 2014, Evan Hughes visited Dr. Bill Arnett in Atlanta and enjoyed a very informative few days at the foundation’s base viewing for the first time many examples of works by Southern Vernacular artists. At this time a body of 23 works on paper by Mr. Dial were selected for exhibition in Australia in 2015.

Of Dial's work, Evan Hughes Says:

"I spent two days studying the drawings of Thornton Dial with Bill Arnett and learnt more about the magic of what happens when a light, enlightened hand with a story to tell takes to paper than in a year studying the late erotic drawings of Picasso in an art history faculty in the United Kingdom. Where Mr. Dial’s monumental sculptures are (literally) heavy with meaning, narrative and content, the drawings serve as a navigable bridge between the free heart that creates them and the viewer who might find the three-dimensional work difficult to access or interpret. Dial is a storyteller, as are all good artists. His drawings are narrative, some are erotic, others tell stories about hard times past and present.

An extensive publication on the drawings of Thornton Dial including full catalogue information of the forthcoming exhibition in Sydney, with contributions by Prof. Bernard L. Herman (UNC, Chapel Hill, North Carolina) and Prof. Colin Rhodes (SCA, USyd, Sydney) will be published by The Hughes Gallery in 2015.

A Love Picture

A Man will Enjoy the Flowers

Busy in Any Store

Cabbage Patch Dolls

Diet Advice (Little Women Know Best)

Flower Girl

Ladies and the Big Crawfish

Ladies Hold the Tiger

Ladies Will Stand by Their Tigers

Lady Holds the Snake

Love Picture

Monica (Travelling Movie Star)


The Flower Lady

The Lady Loves the Snake

The Tiger will Stand by his Lady

Tiger Loves his Lady

Tiger Picture

Two Ladies Dancing in the Woods

Wrecks on the Road