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David Leggett

David Leggett was born in 1980 in Springfield, Massachusetts. He completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2003, and then moved to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago to complete his MFA in 2007. Here Leggett was able to work with members of the Chicago imagist movement, a source of great and constant influence to the young artist.

Leggett works in painting, drawing, collage, printmaking and installation. He often incorporates 'craft' materials, such as felt, glitter and googly eyes, to question the divide between high and low culture. Likewise, the artist has drawn from a variety of sources, from pop culture to art history to develop a unique visual vocabulary. Leggett explores race, religion, sexuality and subcultures through the lens of both personal and cultural relationships, but shies away from taking definitive positions in his work. Instead, he combines ideas and reframes them using humour to draw the viewer in and question preconceived ideas and stereotypes. Leggett's bright colours, quirky materials, and use of humourous text may attract attention, but they soon give way to the serious issues such as racism and homophobia that underlie his work.

Leggett was the recipient of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago's trustee scholarship, as well as a number of residencies and grants. He has shown in group and solo exhibitions throughout America. The Hughes Gallery is proud to bring his work to Australia as part of Now Chicago! on display from May 1 - June 10 2014.

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