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C. J. Pyle

Born 1956, Richmond (Indiana), USA

C. J. (Chris) Pyle is and was a professional musician working the live music circuit throughout the US Midwest. He drew as a release on the road. His weave technique is his creation. In this novel line, can be found traces of the work of Cristina Ramberg, the Chicago imagist. In his imagery there are clear, allusive nods towards Jim Nutt. Evan Hughes met C. J. at a hot Chicago art fair in 2012, introduced by the latter's Chicago dealer, Carl Hammer. There was something in his energy and the intensity of the works themselves that was instantly magnetic and it is with much enthusiasm that the Hughes Gallery now represents Pyle's work in Australia.

Pyle was first attracted to drawing and illustration by the cult heroes of the world of Mad Magazine, like Basil Wolverton and Car/toons' Ed Roth. In a 2012 interview with Mike Noland as part of the coverstory on Pyle in the Fall issue of Raw Vision Magazine, the artist recounts an anecdote which found him at to a fair to buy-out Roth's booth. He was turned away because they weren't accepting credit card. Today, Pyle's self-taught skill is strikingly refined and is honed by a very serious outlook on image-making. Two-colour portraits are the works for which he has become known, these stemming from a love of making them that spans his entire artistic practice. Pyle lives and works in Indianapolis (since 1974) and exhibits regularly in New York and Chicago.